Most of the people have ‘faces’

when i say ‘faces’, it actually just mean identities.

like someone can be father, son, husband, co-worker, citizen….

so, most of us can handle different identities in ONE PERSON.

a person is always addressed by one’s name.

It’s like when I talk about B.Obama, He can be known as a father, a husband, the president, a US citizen

but he is ONE PERSON.

here i am talking about 2 PERSONS, we always known as 分身.

a PERSON in reality having ANOTHER personality in ANOTHER ‘space’.

for example, pen-name, artist-name, web-name.

I am talking about handling a EXTRA identity,

pretending to have a new life somewhere else.

managing 2 personality in ONE PERSON is very hard,

some people can do that involuntarily, which is known as personality disorder.

which in chinese 精神分裂.

actually, when we kidding about this term, we always mean IDENTITY DISORDER,

but not actually PERSONALITY DISORDER.

to be continue


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