bad joke & Chrisitans

Sometimes, Christians, especially Hong Kong Christians are hated is because of our bad sense of humor. There are 2 types for it, one is what I call in chinese 硬滑稽, but this is not the worst because at lease you can laugh at them. The late poster of “Noah’s Ark HK” showing a tag 「小明上方舟」is a typical example.

The other type, which i consider to be the worst, is the bad use of news or incident. For instance, after the nuclear leaking event in Japan, some Chinese Christians, or even pastors using the spoonerism of the word radiation (輻射) and doing sermon title like 擴福射 or 福瀉 to make a twisted meaning of “the gospel going forth vigorously or spreading around”. Well, this kind of word play is not black humor, it’s mean humor, making fun of a world class tragedy.

Some may defense that by the reasons of attractiveness, or the reason of catching up the trend, or even the reason of “take it easy, God is humorous too”. The bible said Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, but sorry, making bad jokes is not any kind of righteousness. It’s simply bad and if you ask Lord Jesus someday, why you are laughed at, or mocked, I dont know if He will pity you or not.

When Christians consider making funny punch lines or making a sound advertisement or whatsoever, please use brain. When you play such word-play, people will turn it around quickly like 腹射 or 腹瀉, That you humiliate yourself, or worse, Christ humiliated.

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