one of the million dilemmas of a pastor: a reflection on church life and living

I’d like to write this in English because it flows faster than Chinese.

What’s the ‘job description’ of a Christian minster? In a very essential sense, it can be described as ‘be the deacon of the Living Word.’ To make it biblical, it can be ‘preaching and praying’, but in a more practical sense, It’s running the Church, and the local church is actually pretty much like a company plus some very kind donors. Therefore, the pastors need to face some practical problem like ‘church growth’, and administration.

The very first principle of me being a pastor is, all church comer are volunteer, except you. They are free to come and free to leave. Nothing really bound them. So, to force anybody to church by preaching, you basically miss the target. Here’s I come to my one of the million dilemmas: BUSY.

My flock are busy. Busy with work, with relationships, with leisure. So we never ask them to busy for church. The instant impact is they put church’s activities in a rather low priority, or at least, not very fond on that. How should a pastor *encourage* their flock? threat them? lure them? It doesn’t really work. If we back to the basic, some senior pastors will ask you to pray hard for them. Well, that would work,doesn’t it?

To make one feel church life is wonderful, whose job is it? God Himself? or the minster? or no one’s job, it JUST happens? I dont know.

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